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The Single Volumiser

Innovative Water Solutions

The Single Volumiser

The Drenched Volumiser technology embraces the true meaning of conservation and sustainability and has flexibility at its core allowing it to be integrated into most outlets.

The flow of water is transformed into a targeted molecular cone which reduces the volume of water used in the process by more than 90% against the current best in class.

Saving water, energy and money.

All the shown models may not be used for faucets connected to pressureless boilers. Volumisation requires supply pressure >1 bar.

Installing check valves at the hot and cold supply is recommended to prevent cross-over flow.
Regular use prevents stagnation in the supply and maintains water quality.

Download the Drenched Single Volumiser Tech Sheet – 1.12


Download the Drenched Single Volumiser Tech Sheet – 1.25



9th September 2015


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