Drenched Ltd | A new era in hand washing
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Innovative Water Saving


If all of the planet’s water filled a typical one-gallon milk container,

less than a teaspoon of it would be freshwater


The Drenched Volumiser technology embraces the true meaning of conservation and sustainability and has flexibility at its core allowing it to be integrated into most outlets.

The flow of water is transformed into a targeted molecular cone which reduces the volume of water used in the process by more than 90% against the current best in class.

Saving water, energy and money.




Extremely low flow rate
PAC Technology
Carbon Neutral Product
Easy to install
Feels refreshing to the skin
Minimalistic design


Saves money
Saves over 90% water
Saves 100% energy*
Reduces your carbon footprint

*when used as intended with cold mains water

2.8 bn

people live in areas of high water scarcity


50% of the worlds population will be living in areas of high water stress


global energy consumption will increase by 50%


of global power generation is fresh water intensive



Here at Drenched we like to challenge the norm in order to make things better and truly greener for our planet. We spend a great deal of time and effort on research and development to keep pushing the boundaries for our future products. Here are some of our successes.

The Single Volumiser
In New Products
The Single Volumiser
In New Products
Original Concept Sketches
In Product Sketches
Dual Flo Volumiser
In New Products

Save Money

• Use 90% less water washing your hands, saving money and resource.

Save Energy

• Results in 100% energy saving during hand washing

No need to heat

• No need to heat the water to wash your hands, cold water no longer feels cold when Volumised, saving energy.

Water consumption WILL affect us ALL – find out how Drenched can help you revolutionise the way you use water today.


The Drenched team is comprised of a small, highly dedicated & passionate set of individuals who all share a common goal & vision. With a wide mix of Engineering, product design and a wealth of knowledge within the global water efficiency arena the team are ideally placed to effectively roll-out the highly innovating & world-leading Drenched product range.

CEO - Founder

Wes Sugden-Brook

Wes is the CEO & Founder of Drenched, he holds an Hon's Degree in Engineering from Leeds Metropolitan University and is a Charted Engineer. His responsibility spans Engineering and Research & Development. With over 14 years of well-rounded Design, Project and Senior Engineering Management experience within the FMCG arena. Wes is ideally placed to bring his limitless innovative ideas to life, that will ultimately help to sustain the planets resources for generations to come.

Global Sales Manager

Phil Ledson

Phil brings a vast amount of International Sales Management experience to the Drenched team; he combines a highly driven passion for unparalleled customer service allied with a wealth of sales know-how procured within both the B2B and B2C arenas.

Phil's sales prowess has seen him transition seamlessly between the Luxury goods market for numerous Swiss watch brands and the Industrial Power Generation Industry. Time spent serving the Middle East, African and European Markets ensures Phil is ideally placed to accommodate & facilitate the global needs of Drenched customers both now and long into the future.


John Gibson

John Gibson LLB (Hons) Dip LP, is an Officer of the Court and a highly skilled and experienced lawyer who boasts a great deal of commercial acumen.

Greatly appreciated for his knowledge and incisive counsel, John has a true gift in bringing together people, corporations and authorities to achieve win-win situations in all manner of contexts. John is a Director within Drenched Limited.

Financial Director

Graham Camm

Graham runs Metro Financial Services which undertakes Corporate finance transactions and provides Finance Director services.

Boasting 35 years of experience working in Financial Services, Corporate Finance and Business Coaching during which he worked for a number of major international banks and also as a Partner at Leeds based Sterling Corporate Finance for 7 years, Graham beings a wealth of financial acumen to Drenched. Graham is FD at Drenched.


Mike Usher

Mike has extensive experience of the Bathroom and Kitchen markets having held a number of senior management positions spanning a 25 year period. His CV boasts both UK and International assignments with a host of major blue chip industry companies.


Could this be you?

Drenched are always on the look out for exceptional talent. People who don't just talk about going the extra mile but demonstrate it. If you think that sounds like you then drop us a line.....


Drenched was created following a chance encounter when our founder, Wes, stumbled across a TED TV talk by Alex Steffen. The focus of the talk concerned, ‘the route to a sustainable future’, which left Wes feeling totally helpless, both as a father and chartered engineer due to the realisation that he wasn’t doing anything to help the planet sustain future generations.

Rather than stand back and leave it up to others, a strong urge to do something to help was ignited within Wes. Two weeks later, with words of encouragement ringing fresh in his ears from our co-founder Marc, Wes, allied with lots of fun experiments in the back garden with his children, and more than a little water being splashed around the house! the dream became a reality as the first successful prototype tests were validated. During those first few, formative weeks in Drenched life, many lessons were learned, the key of which was what we now refer to as ‘Basicology‘.

• Uses over 90% less water than the best aerators on the market.0

• Reduce your facility's water heating costs by 100%0

• You will have to dispose of 90% less water after washing your hands0



Drenched believe in collaboration, which is why we have many respected partners around the world ranging from designers, engineers, manufacturers and many more. Our customers are vital to our success & we think they deserve a mention. You can see just a very small selection of our clients and partners below.